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The Future Ever So Close

December 9, 2011 - 12:42pm

In the old science fiction movies, of which I’m not a great fan (I’ve never seen ‘Star Wars’, but don’t throw sticks and stones), they were always imagining how the future would be in the year 2000. Everything always seemed ultramodern and spectacular.

For example, everyone had their own spacecraft, everyone could tele-port themselves between galaxies, everyone lived on pills (well, in fact that part isn’t completely untrue), It was all so wonderfully easy. The problem is that the year 2000, and 2010 too, have come and gone, and all the forecasts seem to have been way off the mark. We only fly by plane, and even then it’s shared, we’re still a long way from having a plane for each person (which was meant to be ‘parked’ on the roof or by the front door). And we haven’t yet managed to condense fish and chips or Irish stew into a little pill. In other words, nothing for me to worry about.

If only because I think we’re living in a time in which nothing can surprise us. If they tell me that in ten years’ time we’ll be walking upside-down I don’t think it’s anything strange, it’s just another trend. And if I could come back to Earth in a thousand years’ time, I wouldn’t find it odd that there were robots levitating or anything like that. As regards what’s really important for me, I’m much more a person of the past than the future. I’m interested in the little things that are disappearing, and I spend my life reliving memories.

I think of people, journeys, places, smells, music. I like to think about the old times. Those that I lived through, and the others, those of long ago. I’m even like that with fashion. I much prefer the retro styles to the futurist ones. But of course we can’t ignore the future, if only because that’s where we’re heading every second. I like to think that despite all the modern fads in front of us, there’s a lot that will make life easier.

For example, ultrasonic aircraft that take us from Lisbon to New York in about seven seconds. Wardrobes that open every day with looks tailor-made according to the weather and our mood. That would be really wonderful. I can hardly wait for such a future.

Ana Garcia Martins
Blogger, author of “A Pipoca Mais Doce” (


Blogger e autora de A Pipoca Mais Doce