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Benedita Pereira invites…

June 27, 2012 - 4:05pm

US-based portuguese actress Benedita Pereira still carries in her heart the city of Porto, where she was born in 1985. She cherishes her memories of the creative spirit of the ‘Cidade Invicta’ (‘Unvanquished City’), which combines bold contemporary architecture with a strong cultural identity of traditions that not even the bright lights of the Big Apple can extinguish.

Considered one of the stars of Portuguese television, Benedita Pereira started her career with a leading role in the first series of the highly successful teen show ‘Morangos com Açúcar’ (‘Sweet Strawberries’), and subsequently revealed her talent and versatility in other Tv productions. Bent on embracing new challenges, Benedita moved to New York in order to pursue an international career.

Even from the other side of the Atlantic, Benedita Pereira continues to revisit her favourite places in her native city, leaving us here with some of her impressions of porto and what is worth visiting there. These go far beyond the famous port wine, the enticing landscapes of the picturesque Ribeira (riverfront) and the aristocratic Foz.

If Porto were a piece of architecture it would be: D. Luís Bridge

Along with the Torre dos Clérigos (Clergy Tower), the Ponte D. Luís, which links Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia, is one of Porto’s iconic landmarks. This 19th-century feat of iron filigree engineering can be admired from the banks of the Douro or by crossing its lower roadway, which is open to pedestrians and vehicles.

The best bar for music and chilling out: Casa do Livro

In Porto, a perfect day consists of: A morning walk from Passeio Alegre to the end of Avenida Brasil, lunch at one of the wonderful seafood restaurants in matosinhos, and finally a visit to the art galleries in Rua miguel Bombarda.

serralves Foundation complexThe best francesinha (typical sandwich) in the city: Bufete Fase

A breathtaking landscape: the view from serra do Pilar to Porto

A terrace for relaxing: Praia da Luz

A Museum/monument to visit: serralves, no question. The garden, the house and the museum...

The serralves Foundation complex, comprising the house, the park and the Contemporary Art museum, is one of the gems of Porto’s cultural heritage and an emblem of Art Deco architecture in Portugal and Europe.