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Buy online at Lisbon Airport Stores

June 29, 2012 - 4:27pm

The platform offers 360º virtual visits around Lisbon Airport’s shopping areas, enabling visitors to find out about the space, offers and promotions before they travel.

Besides thousands of beauty, perfume and fashion articles, as well as confectionery, gourmet and special Portuguese products, Airport shopping Online offers services such as currency reservation, booking of meeting rooms at Lisbon Airport’s Business Center and leisure and wellbeing experience packages. Clients can also make online reservations of baby chairs, golf clubs, surfboards, bicycles and other articles from the “Rent-a-stuff” operator.

This is the first time in ANA’s history that the company has allowed articles on sale in the restricted area to be purchased by non-travellers.

Airport shopping Online opens a new chapter in ANA’s commercial and digital strategy.

I’ve bought an article online, how can I receive it?

After making an online purchase you can collect the item at Airport shopping Online’s Pick-up-Points, or else have it delivered to an address of your choice.

There is an Airport shopping Online Pick-up-Point in the public section of the arrivals area at Lisbon Airport, operated by Rent-a-stuff (pick-up times 8 am - 10 pm).

There is another Pick-Up-Point in the food court of the departures restricted area, operated by Cores Doces (pick-up times 8 am - 10 pm).

If you buy an article between midnight and midday you can pick it up at 5 pm the same day; if you make the purchase between 12.00 pm and 10 pm you can collect it at 10.30 am the next day; if you buy it between 10.00 pm and midnight you can collect it at 5 pm the next day.

In this phase, deliveries are available anywhere in mainland Portugal, the islands and most countries in Europe.

How can I pay for my online purchases?

Online ATM: This is a safe and easy way to make online payments. For payments that require you to insert a credit card, you can generate a credit card number and define the maximum amount of the transaction. As this is a virtual card, valid for just one transaction and for an amount up to the maximum sum you have defined, it guarantees you greater security.

Credit card: You can pay for your order with a VISA or Mastercard credit card.

Paypal: Users must have a Paypal account (the Paypal registration process is fast and simple).

On what supports can I find Airport shopping Online?

On a PC, smartphone or tablet.

QR Airport Shopping OnlinePassengers may also make their purchases at the virtual shop in the restricted boarding area. This original support allows passengers to make purchases before boarding. Just use your mobile phone to read the QR (Quick Response) code and automatically see the characteristics of the products and add them to your online wishlist or shopping basket, or even share them on social networks.

I don’t have a boarding card and I’m not flying any time soon. Can I make purchases at Airport shopping Online?

Anyone can make purchases at Airport shopping Online.

There are just a few items, such as the tobacco and alcohol on sale in the Just For Travellers duty-free store, that can only be bought by passengers with a boarding card.

Passengers can reserve tobacco and alcohol articles at, but they must collect them in the walk-through Just for Travellers duty-free store and present a boarding card.

Do you want to use Lisbon Airport’s shops without being weighed down with luggage?

Buy online and have your purchases delivered at home

Are you travelling on business and have no time to leave the airport?

Book Lisbon Airport’s conference room online.

Are you a frequent flyer and don’t want to risk finding yourself at the airport with no currency?

Reserve it online.

The possibilities are endless... Lisbon Airport’s shops are just a click away!