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No inverno passado os casacos XXL já andavam por aí, principalmente pelas mãos de criadores como Rochas, Celine, entre tantos outros.

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There is no way you can resist the delicious meal suggestions at Faro Airport, which consolidates its restaurant and bar provision with the opening of new units which will operate from 06:00 until the last flight: the hamburger chain Burguer Me and the Carlsberg Bar.

Variety, comfort and convenience are the extra advantages highlighted in the shopping areas available in Lisbon Airport Terminal 2. It will be difficult to choose among the increasingly tempting restaurant options in the public departures area.

More efficiency and quality, greater capacity, improvement in services and more shopping area are the evident innovations that ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, SA has carried out in Lisbon Airport, following an ambitious expansion plan.

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One of the hardest things to get right in life is creating an individual style without being excessive. Willingness to take risks and innovate is all well and good, but there are two little tips...

Going on a trip? Got up at the crack of dawn and still have a long day ahead of you? Travelling to a business meeting?


“Coimbra tem mais encanto na hora da despedida”. São versos do autor e compositor Fernando Machado Soares na “Balada da Despedida”, por ele também cantada para dar voz à magia que a cidade exerce sobre todos quantos os que por lá passam.

She was born in 1974 in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, one month before the revolution in Portugal which would become known as the Carnation Revolution. Daughter of...

Carlos do Carmo is one of the leading figures of the song from Lisbon but which has been embraced by the whole country. He has been singing fado for 50 years with the...

The Portfolio store located in the restricted departures area is a window of a reinvented Portugal that is opening up to the world with a hand-picked selection of portuguese...

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Making of da Produção de Moda da Edição de Outono/Inverno de 2013 da Livening